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Body Protected Electrical Area Sign Green / White -EASBP

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Body Protected Electrical Area Sign Green / White -EASBP

"Body Protected Electrical Area" Sign (GREEN/WHITE)

Dimensions - 200mm W x 90mm H x 3mm D

Compliance - AS/NZS3003

ESCO Medicon Range of Protected Electrical Area Signsare manufacturedand supplied in accordance with AS/NZS3003‘Marking of Patient Treatment Areas’

- These signs are required to be affixed to a ‘Readily Visible'surface within Patient Treatment Areas at a height specified within AS/NZS3003

- PROTECTED ELECTRICAL AREAS are defined in AS/NZS 3003 These areas offer additional electrical protection for Patients & Staff


Acrylic PVC Panel with Engraved Figures detailed in AS/NZS2003 White Figures / Letters on Green BackgroundFitted with Adhesive Tape (Removable Strips)

The Protected Electrical Area Sign Series are supplied withlabelling locations for the following

1. Identifying Person or Organisation carrying out thePatient Treatment Area Certification

2. Identifying the edition of AS/NZS3003 to which the PatientTreatment Area was commissioned

3. Identifying the Person and/or Organisation that carried outthe most recent Electrical Safety Testing along with Report No,Date of Next Test.

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